The number of customers in the restaurant dropped noticeably. It decreased, so did the freshness of the unused ingredients for the food. And so even more customers were lost. It was a vicious cycle.

 To make matters worse, a food alley handled by the district office opened across the street and destroyed the business of the alley where Roro’s restaurant was.

 The whole dreadful ordeal happened to Roro’s parents when they were at the most powerless and weakest time of their life.

 Eventually, Roro’s restaurant, which broke the record of the worst month every month, they had no choice but to close it down. Roro was surprised with how desolate...


Since the prehistoric cave paintings, art has evolved tremendously. There have been a lot of revolutionary events in the history of art since the blooming of civilization. Now we live in this new era where the term of art, ‘representation’ means different from what it meant in the past. Certainly, what it meant in the Classical period and why it appealed to people at that time remained a mystery despite numerous studies about it. In the early 5th century Greek artists began to render human and animal forms realistically. As the sculptures for the Temple of Zeus at Olympia and those of Parthenon evolved and were replaced by a more idealized re...

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