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​대구광역시 중구 국채보상로 140길 23       (우)41945

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A Chorus of Angels
Dec. 14. 2019 ~ Jan. 14. 2020
Dongwoo Minwoo
The Revolution of Everyday Life
Nov. 5. ~ Nov. 19. 2019
Youngsam Kim, Hyeryoung Moon, Siyoung Lee, Daechun Jeon, Sukjoung Choi, Haeyoun Hwang

The Revolution of Everyday Life

​일상의 개혁, 젊은 예술가들에게 고함
‘Realti’ is an artist-run space where artists share their passion for art through rigorous dialogue.
We encourage artists to experiment with their artworks in a more dynamical way and share them with each other.