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Artists Are the Future - Se Eun Kwon

Young Artist Project – Artists Are the Future, ‘Se Eun Kwon’s Solo Exhibition, ‘Anecdotalism’ organized by Realti

Absolutely personal and ubiquitous findings about color, discovering oneself in them.

Is it lines or colors that allow humans perceive the shapes of this world? This subject has always been a point of controversy among visual artists. In fact, the colors, paints, pigments and their mix cannot be the same as the true ones that we receive differently by light and ,therefore, it has intrigued artists who work on colors with them and caused them to delve more into colors. We can tell the visual difference between the picture with more lines than colors and the one with more colors than lines but we cannot tell which ones define the shape. What is the shape for? In the end, ‘painting’ is two-dimensional surface, illusion, expression of emotion and fun playing.

‘Anecdotalism’ is the title that a young artist Seeun Kwon has chosen to be her very first exhibition, a story that is not yet revealed to the world. The story she is trying to tell with this title may be a journey of a thousand miles with her first step to the art world or an expression of her experiment on formation with colors or lines. Above all, however, she wants to focus on her very daily life, people she meets or passes by and subtle excitement and hope about relationships with them. Reflecting these emotions in each color, she is shaping a human’s figure that only she can recognise.

The colors she uses are strong yet subtle and the color saturation is low. They, either with contrasting colors or complementary colors, work in great harmony. Her thought that the self recognized by others and the subjective characters found in relationships are reflected in colors gives oneself a nod of understanding. Maybe it is because our sensation and perception are basically subjective and also too general. The various, mixed colors that are created by light lowering the intensity of color on her screen look a lot like her reaching forward to communication and empathy while remaining her own self.

We often like to have colors aligned with feelings that we associate with them. According to English artist “Damien Hirst”, red represents love and passion, also blood and war and anger and perhaps hope, maybe the darker it gets the closer it gets to death. Adding or subtracting a drop of paint, he also tells a completely different story like pink represents childhood and youth. Although it is for open sexuality, romance, summer freedom and desire, new life and babies, cotton candy and sugar and etc. and it has been used for girls, he adds ,in the end, that real men wear pink. Is it that he is trying to say that each color can remind one of anything?

The artist said that her time working on art for a university exam was very hard and she was dragging herself to put formulated colors with formulated feelings. She said the very tense experience of colors she had was when she saw a rainbow colored seashell on the beach in Jeju Island illuminated by the light. Maybe she would like to experience and express all the colors without prejudice. Color is ,after all, the makeup of the visual world that luminous light reveals with or without figure or form. Cheers for the variation of her everyday life expressing through her artworks and finding herself in the space of communicating with others.

Artist Yoonkyung Kim

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