People in the wrecked ship waved back at us 41,32cm, oil on canvas, 2017
Waters begin to recede,73_61cm, oil on canvas 2017
Shades of white, 72.7_60.6cm, oil on canvas, 2017
Shades of white, 53_53cm, oil on canvas, 2017
Shades of white, 35_27.3cm, oil on canvas, 2017

Yoonkyung Kim




1977 Born in Daegu






2011 M.F.A in Figurative Drawing and Painting, California State University


2005 M.F.A in Western Painting, Kyungpook National University


2002 B.F.A in Art Science, Catholic University of Daegu






Solo Exhibitions:


2015 11th Solo Art Show (Gallery Ars’s in Daegu, Korea), 12th Solo Art Show (Healing Gallery in Kyungpook National University Hospital in Daegu, Korea)


2014 9th Solo Art Show (Art Gallery of KBS in Daegu, Korea), 10th Solo Art Show (Art Factory ‘Cheongchun’ in Daegu, Korea)


2013 Relay Solo Show Project of 11th Members of Gachang Artists' Studio (Beomeo Art Street in Daegu, Korea)


2013 8th Solo Art Show (Branch Company in Daegu, Korea)


2013 7th Solo Art Show (Gallery Project B at Beomo Art Street in Daegu, Korea)


2013 6th Solo Art Show (Godo Gallery in Seoul, Korea)


2012 5th Solo Art Show (THE K Gallery in Seoul, Korea)


2011 M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition (Gatov Gallery in LongBeach, U.S.A)


2010 4th Solo Art Show (The Buddha’s Lounge in Los Angeles, U.S.A)


2010 3th Solo Art Show (CU Gallery, Daegu, Korea)


2010 2nd Solo Art Show (Bongsan Cultural Center, Daegu, Korea)


2005 1st Solo Art show (SPACE 129, Daegu, Korea)




Group Exhibitions:


2016 DCAG, Suseong Artpia in Daegu, Korea 

Glass Box Art Project, Bongsan Cultural Center in Daegu, Korea 

Passion and calmness, Art Space Purl in Daegu, Korea 

Life and Art, Daegu Art and Culture Center in Daegu, Korea


2015 Prospect of Contemporary Art, Daegu Art and Culture Center in Daegu, Korea

International Art Exchange Exhibition, B-Communication Gallery in Daegu, Korea

White void room, Daegu Art Square in Daegu, Korea

Art-link Project, Time Square Gallery in Brunei

Tropical night, Daegu Department Store in Daegu, Korea

Artist of the Day, AND Gallery in Daegu, Korea

Merryblue, Flora Gallery in Gimhae, Korea


2014 Live wall, CU Gallery in Daegu, Korea

Art Bargain, Toast Gallery in Seoul, Korea

Beomeo Art Market, Beomeo Art Street, Korea

The 5th Young Artists Festival, ‘Gyeok’, Social market in Daegu, Korea

Artists’ island, CU Gallery in Daegu, Korea

Six people of June, Edasoso Gallery in Cheongdo, Korea

Two-person exhibition: Yoonkyung Kim and Sungkyung Lee (DGB Gallery, Daegu)


2013 Bling Bling (Gallery H, Hyundai Department store, Daegu, Korea)

Memorial Exhibition of Kim Gwangseok (Art Factory Youth, Korea)

Colorful Daegu Festival (Dongsung Road, Daegu, Korea)

The Box (CU Gallery, Daegu, Korea)

The Box (Beomeo Art Street, Daegu, Korea)

Korea Namboo International Contemporary Art Festival (Daegu culture and arts center, Daegu, Korea)

Art enters in the creative space(Daegu culture and arts center, Daegu, Korea)

Sunday Paper (Rectangle)+1 (Space Bar Gallery, Daegu, Korea)

Open Studio (Gachang Artists-residency Program, Daegu, Korea)

Butterfly in your spring (Gallery Project B, Beomoe Art Street, Daegu, Korea)

St. Art (Gallery Bin in Daegu, Korea)

I send myself you (Daegu Art Factory, Daegu, Korea)

New thinking, new art (Lee Seoul Gallery in Seoul, Korea)


2012 Young Artists Project, Meta Empire (EXCO in Daegu, Korea)

International Exhibition of Gachang Aritsts' Residency Program (Beomo Art Street of Daegu, Korea)

Nomadic imagination (CAI02 Gallery in Sapporo,Japan)

Nomadic imagination (Continental Gallery in Sapporo,Japan)

Live wall (CU Gallery, Daegu,Korea)

Californians (CU Gallery, Daegu,Korea)


2011 The Graphite Show (Hibbleton Gallery in LongBeach,U.S.A) 

GLAMFA and Open Studio (CSULB, U.S.A)

Art of Temptation (Art Space PURL, Daegu,Korea)


2010 CSULB Holiday Art Sale (Gatov Gallery in LongBeach, U.S.A)

CSULB Advancement Show (Gatov Gallery in LongBeach, U.S.A)

100 Catholic Artists of Korea(Design Center of Daegu, Kyungpook, Daegu, Korea)

Hyoae Art Show (Daegu culture and arts center, Daegu, Korea)


2009 GLAMFA and Open studio (California State University Gallery, Long Beach, U.S.A)

LOVE-The arts that MJ loves (MJ Gallery, Daegu, Korea)


2008 Eternal reflection – Daegu Art Competition and Showcase (Café THAT, Daegu, Korea)

Art shapes Daegu (Daegu culture and arts center, Daegu, Korea)

Sharing Art (Donga Gallery, Daegu, Korea)

The present (Cube – C Gallery, Daegu, Korea)

Art and view (MJ Gallery, Daegu, Korea)

Powerful painting 08-1 (Hoban Gallery, Daegu, Korea)


2007 6th Outdoor(Daegu, Korea)

Imagination of 50,000 things - 3m (Daegu culture and arts center, Daegu, Korea)

The city designed by artists (Bongsan cultural center, Daegu, Korea)

Walk inside hallucination (Bongsan arts center, Daegu, Korea)

Art from the heart (Artshare in Los Angeles, U.S.A)

50 awesome artists (Boardner’s club in Hollywood, U.S.A)


2006 Doosan new artists festival (Doosan arts center, Daegu, Korea)

Banwol art festival (Banwol Museum, Pocheon, Korea)


2005 1st Century (Daegu culture and arts center, Daegu, Korea)

1st solo art show (SPACE 129, Daegu, Korea)

Contemporary art 2005 work-18 (SPACE 129 Gallery, Daegu, Korea)

Messages from Daegu/Young artists’ network (Daegu culture and arts center, Daegu,Korea)


2004 1st Century (Daegu culture and arts center, Daegu, Korea)

Blue ducks (Soul Gallery, Daegu, Korea)

ALARM (SM Gallery, Daegu, Korea)


2003 International Universiade Arts Festival (Daegu culture and arts center, Daegu, Korea)


2001 Travelling without moving (Ars and amare Gallery, Daegu, Korea)




Grant and Awards:


2010 New York Direct Art Awards(Direct Art Magazine)






2012 Gachang Artist Residency Program

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